After sustaining a severe spinal injury, moving through many hospital units and a failed home care plan, we were able to put in place a package of care that has helped Ashley to thrive at home.

Ashley* sustained a C4 spinal injury which completely changed the direction of Ashley’s life. It was an incredibly challenging time in his life, and he had a lot to come to terms with. 

Following his injury, Ashley spent time at Stoke Mandeville Hospital undergoing intensive rehabilitation and moved around various units before he was eventually discharged and was able to return home to his family with a full package of care in place that would support Ashley to live as independently as possible.

We took over Ashley’s package of care in 2015 at a time when his current provider was unable to meet his needs and unfortunately an ultimate breakdown in care occurred. We were contacted by Ashley’s local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and once we understood Ashley’s specific care needs and had assessed his home, we were able to provide a comprehensive care plan tailored for his specific needs and a quotation for our services. We were commissioned to deliver Ashley’s care.