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Children and Young People

Supporting children and young people at home

We recognise that every child and family are unique and it is our aim to achieve positive outcomes for every child that we care for.

Advances in medicine and technology mean that more children with life-limiting conditions or complex healthcare needs are living into adulthood.

How we support you

We provide support to children and young people who suffer with a range of complex medical needs that can be acquired, degenerative, congenital and life-limiting. Our service aims to transform the life of children and young people and can continue with them as they transition into adulthood.

We support children of all ages, from birth to teenagers, requiring complex care in the home. The spectrum of conditions includes cerebral palsy with significant disability, epilepsy, autism, chromosomal and genetic conditions, chronic lung disease, complex metabolic disease, spinal and brain injury. We can help with:

  • Long-term invasive and non-invasive ventilation.
  • Tracheostomy management (including weaning to de-cannulation).
  • Severe/complex epilepsy.
  • Disorders of consciousness (e.g. minimally conscious).
  • Enteral feeding (e.g. gastrostomy, jejunostomy).
  • Parenteral nutrition/TPN via a central line.
  • Dysphagia.

Caring for children and young people

Our services are family-centred, we work closely with you and your child to provide specialist clinical personalised care. We recognise that each child is unique and we will create a bespoke care and support plan that sets out their individual goals and focuses on them getting the most from their life. The care that we provide is aimed to support social interaction, and independence both in and outside of the home.

Our service is Nurse-led, we have qualified Registered Paediatric Nurses who work in collaboration with the care team and the multi-disciplinary teams. Our Registered Nurses provides close clinical monitoring and supervision of the service. This ensures that our healthcare assistants are trained and can perform the clinical tasks and interventions safely in your home.

Discharging from hospital

We work closely with a number of Long Term Ventilation Teams and Acute settings to discharge your child home safely. As part of the discharge plan, we would introduce suitable healthcare staff that spend time in the hospital with your child. They would shadow and carry out training prior to the agreed discharge date.

We work collaboratively with family, professionals and our community teams to make the transition of children to their homes as quickly and as safely as possible.

Supporting in educational settings

Our trained care teams can support your child in attending an educational setting. This provides a continuity of care across all settings.

We provide training to our staff to support in specialist and mainstream educational settings. See our real-life stories below.

Transition from childhood to adulthood

The transition from a children’s service to adults can be challenging. Our team will support the communication between children’s and adult’s healthcare services to ensure that this is a smooth transition as possible.

Planning is key and we would take the lead in liaising with the commissioner so that a new assessment is completed, and funding is agreed in advance of the transition.

We have a consistent team in place that can transition with your child and their package of care. We’ll ensure that you are updated on progress of the transition process.

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