Our personalised package of care supports Freddie’s complex care needs as well as his personal hopes and aspirations, allowing him to attend school and enjoy social activities and family holidays.

In 2013, Freddie was severely injured in a road traffic accident leaving him with life-threatening injuries. He acquired a spinal injury leaving him with no respiratory drive and spent many months following the accident in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Freddie lives with his Mum, Dad and two siblings. He has a tracheostomy in situ and is fully ventilated. The spinal cord injury left Freddie with complete paralysis in both his arms and legs (quadriplegic) and he is required to wear a spinal brace. Freddie also suffered a brain injury during the accident which causes him occasional seizures.

Freddie understands what is going on around him and can express his needs and wishes with the help of his communication aids. He now has a speaking valve in place to support his communication and can make his own decisions.