While travelling around Southeast Asia John contracted the Japanese Encephalitis virus through a mosquito bite which resulted in a brain and spinal cord injury. He was left unable to move independently or communicate verbally. The care we provide helped to get John back home, to continue his rehabilitation and enjoy socialising again.

In 2015, while travelling around South East Asia with his friends, John contracted the Japanese Encephalitis virus through a mosquito bite, resulting in coma and hospitalisation in a Bangkok hospital for one month where he was immediately fitted with a tracheostomy and supported with his ventilation.

John was transferred back to the UK the following month and admitted onto a neurological Intensive care unit where he received the complex clinical care he needed while further investigations continued into the extent of the injury caused by the virus.

John was found to have Quadriplegia caused by brain injury and lesions to his spinal cord, which had left him unable to move independently. He was unable to communicate verbally and required ventilation assistance and food through a gastrostomy tube. He spent a further 3½ years in hospital settings before being transferred to residential care in 2019.

When it was recognised that with the right care team in place John would be able to return to his home, the local Integrated Care Board (ICB) contacted us to discuss a personal package of care starting in the residential setting and transitioning John back to his home.