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Covid-19 – How we’re keeping everyone safe

We are committed to ensuring that we are fully up to date with the ongoing developments through the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Statement – Updated: January 2023

As an organisation we are continuing to take all possible measures to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus to our clients, and our office and healthcare staff.

We are complying with all national and local guidance in relation to COVID-19 and continue to adapt our policies, processes and working practices to ensure the safety of those we support and care for. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) stocks have been maintained and deployed across all areas of the business, including in our client’s homes and all of our offices.

Our measures

We have put in place a number of measures to protect our clients, our healthcare staff, office staff and members of the public:

  • All of our office locations and clients have a specific COVID-19 risk assessment in place in accordance with Public Health England (PHE) Guidance.
  • All our staff are provided with PPE, including ‘fit testing’ for face fitting masks (FFP3) to use while at work appropriate to the needs of their clients in accordance with PHE guidance.
  • A business continuity plan and supporting COVID-19 recovery plan exists to support care provision where disruption may occur due to COVID-19.
  • Vaccine uptake is fully supported and promoted throughout the business.
  • Training is provided in a COVID safe working environment or by using virtual classrooms.
  • Our office locations were audited bi-weekly throughout the pandemic and covered the ‘priority actions’ stipulated by Public Health England, making sure our business remained safe during the pandemic. This has now ceased, but will resume again should we deem necessary or be advised to do so.

We recognise that it has been an incredibly challenging time for all our staff, our clients, and their families. We are extremely proud of the strength and determination our teams have shown during this period.

During this period, we have worked tirelessly along with the NHS to discharge from hospital those who can be supported at home, and we are so proud of what our team has achieved for our clients and their families.We thank them all for their hard work and support in keeping the people we care for safe.

We remain pro-active and will continue to ensure that infection prevention and control measures are regularly reviewed and adhered to in line with Government guidance.

If you require any further information about our COVID-19 measures, please contact us by email:

Neil's story

Our client Neil unfortunately contracted COVID-19 in 2020 and was admitted to hospital. Our specialist care team continued to support him during his stay in hospital.

Karen, Neil’s daughter said:

“If he didn’t have his Apollo team at home to continue looking after him, delivering the same chest physio regime that was given in hospital, he would not have been able to get home so quickly. Thank you Apollo Home Healthcare, for your dedication, with a special mention to the ladies on the front line looking after Dad, who we think of as extended family.

We are so thankful to all the NHS staff who cared for Neil whilst he was in hospital and to our care team who all rallied round to make sure he had the care he needed on returning home.”

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