Geneva and her brother Toby were born with a rare genetic condition leaving them with life-limiting conditions. The package of care we provide to Geneva and her family will help to make life that little bit easier for her loving Grandparents, giving them quality family time together and allowing Geneva to thrive at home.

Geneva and her younger brother Toby were born with a rare genetic medical condition called Microcephaly, involving a smaller-than-normal head which can be present at birth or may develop in the first few-years of life. It is usually the result of the brain developing abnormally in the womb or not growing as it should after birth and can cause seizures, poor motor function, poor speech, and hyperactivity.

Geneva usually lives at home with her loving grandparents, her brother Toby and their dog Coco in a specially adapted annex which is fitted with a ramp, hoists, and a wet room to assist with Geneva’s and Toby’s care. They also have a two-wheelchair adapted vehicle which they use daily.

Geneva, who is now 26, is incredibly smiley and happy and thrives on attention and love. She loves being read to and all sensory activities and getting out and about going for drives in the van, going out for walks in the fresh air and sunshine, getting her nails done and going shopping.

She is non-verbal but can communicate her wishes using facial expressions and sounds. She has global developmental delay and suffers with epilepsy and seizures. She has a Tracheostomy and a Gastrostomy tube fitted and requires a ventilator to assist her breathing.