Our personalised package of care supports Kerrie’s clinical care and social needs at home, within school and out in the community. It also allows them to be a family and spend special family time together.

Kerrie is a young person approaching adulthood and enjoys R&B music and is a big Bon Jovi fan. She lives with her mum, dad, younger sister, and their dog Roxy. Her favourite colour is pink and she loves Minnie Mouse, being pampered and having her nails done. Our care team support her to be as independent as possible and look after all her clinical and social care needs. We support Kerrie at home, within school and out in the community.

Kerrie has required care throughout her life due to a chromosome abnormality. She has Global Development Delay (GDD), meaning she may never reach certain development milestones as other young people her age. Kerrie also suffers with seizures which cause breathing difficulties where she requires oxygen.